Why The All On X Treatment Concept Is A Win For Everyone

Why The All On X Treatment Concept Is A Win For Everyone

Trio Dental Care / on May 9 2023, 11:32 PM

The All-on-X treatment concept solves the problem of missing teeth and decayed teeth at the same time. It combines dental implants with dentures, resulting in a permanent, secure, and aesthetically pleasing smile for the patient.

All-on-X is a revolutionary way to replace all of the teeth in the upper and lower jaws with a full set of permanent teeth supported by only four or six dental implants! This is a modern implant-based restoration that offers a permanent replacement for the entire arch of teeth, as opposed to dentures or partials. Cost-effective and durable, this procedure offers the very best in modern dental care to patients who are missing all of their upper or lower teeth. 

The entire procedure is performed over the course of a few months and involves two phases of treatment. The first phase is the surgical phase, where four implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone, and a temporary set of teeth are secured to the implants. Because the implants are placed at an angle to allow for better support of your bite, this allows for a less invasive surgery than many other tooth replacement procedures. After the surgical portion is complete, patients will return for the second phase of treatment, known as prosthetic placement. This final step involves making a custom set of beautiful, durable, natural-looking artificial teeth that attach to the implants. These custom-designed restorations will match the appearance of your surrounding natural teeth and offer an attractive smile as well as complete oral function. 

All-on-X is a wonderful option for those patients who have lost multiple teeth but do not want to deal with the inconvenience of traditional removable dentures. This procedure can also be a great option for patients who have experienced bone loss as a result of missing teeth, providing a strong, stable foundation for your restorative treatment. This is often a great option for patients with a history of gum disease, infection, or decay who may not be candidates for other treatments. We can help you decide if this option is right for you by scheduling an appointment today to learn more about this treatment and how it can be an option for you. 

Advantages of All-On-X

There are many advantages to using All-On-X dental implants instead of traditional removable dentures, including:

No dietary restrictions: With All-On-X dental implants, you do not have to restrict your diet to soft foods. You can enjoy all of your favorite meals without worrying that your dentures may slip or fall out.

Superior function and comfort: Because All-On-X implants are permanently attached to your jaw, they function just like real teeth. They do not shift or move in your mouth like dentures can. Plus, they are made to fit your mouth perfectly, so you never have to worry about pain or irritation.

Easier to care for: Unlike dentures, which need to be removed daily for cleaning and maintenance, All-On-X dental implants only require a simple brushing and flossing each day. There are no messy adhesives to deal with either!

Confidence boosting: Many denture wearers find that their dentures cause them embarrassment because they are loose or move around too much during speech or chewing. When you replace your entire arch of teeth with All-On-X dental implants, you no longer have to worry about any embarrassing mishaps in public. Your new smile will stay in place no matter what you are doing.

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