Can a Root Canal Procedure Save My Tooth?

Can a Root Canal Procedure Save My Tooth?

Trio Dental Care / on Feb 14 2023, 10:23 AM

A root canal is a dental procedure that is performed to save a tooth from infection. The infection is caused by bacteria that has entered the tooth through a crack or chip in the enamel. If left untreated, the infected tooth may need to be extracted. The root canal procedure removes the bacteria from the tooth, then fills the tooth and seals it to prevent further infection.

A root canal procedure can help save a tooth that is badly infected or decayed. During your treatment, your dentist will remove the damaged tissue in your tooth’s pulp chamber and disinfect the area. If your tooth is severely damaged, you may need a crown placed on top of it. However, many patients experience a full recovery after just one visit.

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure?

During a root canal procedure, the dentist uses a special tool called the filer to scrape away the diseased tissue in the pulp chamber of your tooth. This chamber lies in the center of your tooth and contains nerves and blood vessels that provide nutrients to the tooth to keep it healthy. Once your dentist has cleared away all the infected tissue, they will clean and disinfect the chamber to prevent further infection. Your dentist may place a temporary filling over the tooth to protect it until you return for your second appointment. At the second appointment, the temporary filling will be removed, and the bacteria and any debris that was left behind will be cleaned from the inside of the tooth. Then, the tooth will be sealed with a crown.

The Symptoms of An Infected Tooth

Not only is your tooth infected, but the area around it might also be inflamed or sore. This can make it uncomfortable to chew food or even talk and smile. Your jaw may also feel stiff when you open and close your mouth.

If your tooth is abscessed (meaning that the end of the root has become exposed and filled with pus), the infection can spread to other parts of your body through the bloodstream. This can result in a potentially life-threatening situation called septicemia. Your dentist will likely prescribe antibiotics to help treat the infection and prevent the spread of infection. Without treatment, an abscess could damage the bone in your jaw and lead to tooth loss. A root canal procedure can help save your tooth and your smile.

Is a Root Canal Procedure Safe?

Yes! When performed by a trained dentist, the procedure is performed using local anesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding area, so you don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure. A root canal removes the bacteria inside the tooth and replaces it with a biocompatible material to seal and protect the inside of the tooth from future infection. This reduces the risk of tooth loss and the need for tooth extraction.

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